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The sometimes unconsidered cost of ministry

It is all to easy to forget that our wonderful Ugandan team leave family behind whenever they go off on mission and that can be for several weeks. Spreading the Gospel is the most important thing in their lives and they are regularly following God's call. Each time we visit Uganda we too take up precious time they could be spending at home. The spouses uncomplainingly continue to hold the family home together.

With this in mind we decided to hold a spouses day in the Garden of Eden to celebrate that behind every successful missionary is a wonderful women (or man).

Jethro with his wife Perezi

We shared a wonderful time together in worship and fellowship.

Both William (video below) and Neil spoke to us all. The families themselves were able to chat to each other, something they rarely get the opportunity to do.

Helen asked the wives' opinion on the Pads project obtaining their views on the project's viability and whether it was needed. The wives were extremely excited and were soon discussing amongst themselves where they could obtain suitable materials. They confirmed there was a need for pads and were each given a pack containing examples, a pattern for Pads and instructions on how to make them. We also handed out packs of knickers. Well that was an eye opener; we mostly bought black for obvious reasons but the wives soon engaged in swaps so they could all have a pair of pretty knickers. We had to laugh (as they did).

While we were discussing women's affairs, Neil and Mike took the men back to the library to talk to them. It transpired that, since the women's groups had provided the women with the ability to have small businesses and feed and educate their children,They would like to be part of mens' groups in a similar way. Neil and Mike have said they will design a series of bible studies for the men. This met with great approval.

After all the discussions we shared a fabulous lunch cooked by Dorothy who had looked after us so well at Nabugabo.

What a great day and much appreciated by everyone.

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