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Mothering Sunday


make wonderful gifts


Do you want to buy a meaningful present?

Why not consider giving a gift of trees to your friends and families?

Do something wonderful to help reforest the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Trees that will bind the soil, provide shade for ground crops  and provide a harvest of food. Through this we hope to prevent the catastrophic land slides that have killed people, destroyed homes and crops. All this compounded by unseasonal and heavy rains due to climate change.


Target: 1,000,000 saplings by end of 2024- you can be part of that

8 tree nurseries were planted in August for the long growing season. That was an average of 30,000 seedlings per nursery and a potential 240,000 saplings planted out in November/December 2023 bringing our total from start to 804,000 by the end of this year. Thank you for your support. As of January 2024 189,000 saplings have been handed out.

A further 60,000 saplings are nearly ready to be planted out from end April/ May

handed out Maliba.jpg
Maliba 202312.jpg

Kickstart for the distribution of Cocoa, Musizi, Grevaria, and Jackfruit seedlings from Maliba Archdeaconry Nursery Bed : A Diocesan initiative in  partnership with Amaha We Uganda, for environmental conservation.

Educating the children at St John's Primary School, Maliba on tree husbandry

The seeds and saplings are nurtured by people within the community until they are strong enough to be planted on the slopes of The Rwenzori, on field boundaries or interplanted with crops as shade trees. The arch deacons in the 14 arch deaconries of the South Rwenzori are pleased to be part of this initiative shared between AWU and the Bishop.

A gift of trees will make a wonderful present.

The shared plan is to have a tree nursery in every archdeaconry.


£5.00 will pay for a tree, nurtured from seed to sapling, planted out and maintained. 

Click the donate link below and  choose trees in the PayPal drop down menu. 


If you would like a gift certificate (in PDF form) to give to your loved ones then please email Alex (Ash Vale)or Judith enclosing your reference number or receipt and your email address to or


or contact Judith on 07968931572 

Updated March 2024

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