Amaha We Uganda is passionate about trees. We continue to sell trees to do our small part towards redressing climate change and reforesting the slopes of The Rwenzori. We would love your help.

Update November 2021

146,769 tree saplings now planted where they are needed. Amazing.

The photo above shows the very first saplings that were handed out at the women's conference at Ibanda, planted on the slopes of The Rwenzori.

We have joined Bishop Nasen in his vision to have a tree nursery in each arch deaconry of the South Rwenzori Diocese- 13 in total. 8 nurseries are now in production and so many seedlings have been given out to trained tree champions and people who have promised to take good care of them.

The trees being planted include eucalyptus, acacia, cacao, mango, lemon, orange, avocado, jackfruit and other native trees. These trees will provide shade (but crops can be planted underneath), timber, food and medicine as well as holding the soil.

This is Biira Loice's story.


My name is Biira Loice

I am married with 4 children

I thank Amaha We Uganda Kasese for choosing me as one of the beneficiaries of the tree planting project.  I planted 1000 trees: 800 were Acacia, 100 mangos and 100 oranges. These trees were planted in November 2020 and only 50 failed to germinate. I see my trees are doing very well.

My land is on steep hill and I am sure these trees are going to reduce soil erosion in addition to improving the environment of this village- Busambu village. 


Even the children are passionate about tree planting. The future generation caring about the future of their world.

If you would like to get involved in tree planting by donating towards the next 5 tree nurseries we are planning, with the team in Uganda, then please click on the donate button below and choose Trees in the drop down menu on our PayPal site. A gift of trees will make a wonderful Christmas present.


If you would like a gift certificate (in PDF form) to give to your loved ones then please email Alex or Judith enclosing your reference number or receipt and your email address to or


or contact Judith on 07968931572 

Updated December 2021