Amaha We Uganda is passionate about trees. We continue to sell trees to do our small part towards redressing climate change. We would love your help.

Update July 2021

33,500 trees now planted where they are needed. Amazing.

The photo above shows the very first saplings that were handed out at the women's conference at Ibanda, planted on the slopes of The Rwenzori.

We have joined Bishop Nasen in his vision to have a tree nursery in each arch deaconry of the South Rwenzori Diocese- 13 in total. 3 nurseries have already provided 33,500 saplings and are in the process of being replanted to grow new saplings.

Another 5 nurseries are underway in the areas of most need. (see recent blogs).

If you want to be part of this continue to the end of this page.

January 2020

The "Garden of Eden" Project is doing well and has become a hub for women's groups and the street boys to meet, and our community garden next to the Amaha We Uganda library in Kasese has already seen community events, training, hospitality and very importantly tree planting.

This is one of three tree nurseries. 

William and his team have set up three tree nurseries in key locations. Through their tree planting projects, the team aims to build local knowledge within the communities and empower people to help themselves. Together, local groups will tackle deforestation, protect their homes and crops from erosion and mudslides, and of course they will enjoy the trees providing food and shade, improving air quality and capturing carbon.

Training of tree champions is well underway. These 'champions' will go back to their communities to share their knowledge on the vital importance of reforestation and how to take care of the tree saplings.

 As well as Kasese seeds have been planted on land at The Good Samaritan and Kiraro, Bwera. The seeds have done really well and already saplings have been taken up to the mountainous region of Kabatunda for planting. The team have carried out training there.

Already many farmers have registered to have some of these saplings and to date nearly 4,000 saplings have been planted. They will be carefully looked after and monitored.

There are up to date photos in the Blog section of the website. Click on Trees in the headings.

The trees being planted include eucalyptus, acacia, cacao, mango, lemon, orange, avocado, jackfruit and other native trees. These trees will provide shade (but crops can be planted underneath), timber, food and medicine as well as holding the soil.


Your donation will change lives. At the moment people are being displaced because the deforested land has suffered from soil erosion and can no longer be farmed. Reforesting is the first step in creating a sustainable environment to support future generations. This will enable communities to stay in their homes. 

You can sponsor trees in Uganda to help us or to offset your own carbon footprint. You can give a one-off amount or even donate regularly to offset your carbon footprint month by month.

Donate on the link below remembering to put 'Trees' in the donation message box and if you want we will send you a gift certificate (in PDF form) for you to fill in and give to your loved ones. Please email Alex with your donation reference number and email address.

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Updated July 2021