Women's groups 

Cornavirus and lockdown in Uganda was extremely challenging for the women. As markets were closed many of their small businesses could not continue. This meant great financial hardship. The "no work no food appeal" enabled the local churches to provide food to the poorest of the poor.

As part of Amaha We Uganda's development work, women were given seed to plant to provide food for this season and avoid famine. The women planted and the crops have produced a bountiful harvest. The Harvest is was gathered in November and this harvest will be shared with those women's groups who either did not receive seed or whose crops failed. The seed was also paid forward and a grand total of 977kg of beans have been given by the women's group to be redistributed for the next season's planting in March 2021.

Some of the women are amongst the group looking after the tree nurseries. Some have been trained on the importance of reforestation and how to take care of the seeds. These women will go back to their communities to cascade their new knowledge. They are also amongst the farmers who have registered to have some of the tree saplings and already nearly 4,000 saplings have gone up to the mountains from the tree nurseries. 

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Many women are also struggling to pay back their loans because they have been unable to work. Hopefully this will improve as markets are now reopened.

The team, on a rota basis, have met with each women's groups monthly, in fellowship, to encourage and inspire them. The reduction in funding means this will no longer be possible. However the team will be talking to potential leaders among the women's groups in order to train them and ask them to keep up the momentum with the groups in their areas. The women have been divided in five zones with training in each zone: Bwera, Kajwenge, Kasese, Kitswamba and Kabatunda.

Your donations will help this vital work continue at pre-covid levels.

Updated January 2021

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