Buy one of our Woman the opportunity to go to a woman's conference for Christmas

Many of our women are demoralised following loss of small businesses during the Covid lockdowns.

The team really want to hold a women's conference to get all the women together in fellowship. This would enable them to share stories, to encourage and inspire each other, and to help groups achieve again as before.

What the women can achieve together is wonderful and for the last fifteen years we have seen them grow in confidence, start and grow businesses enabling them to send their children to school and raise themselves above the bottom rung of poverty. We really want to see this again.

£10 will buy a ticket for a woman to attend the conference, providing transport, accommodation, food and teaching for two days.

Click on the link below and choose woman's conference in the PayPal drop down menu. 

If you would like a gift certificate (in PDF form) to give to your loved ones then please email Alex (Ash Vale)or Judith enclosing your reference number or receipt and your email address to or


or contact Judith on 07968931572 

Updated November 2022

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