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On Mothering Sunday think of our mothers in Uganda and treat them to a ticket for the women's conference


Following the loss of businesses due to covid lockdowns, the women's groups have started meeting together again. The team are working hard to encourage them to restart their savings. Many of the women are demoralised and need support to rebuild.

These women are amazing and have achieved so much in the past; they were feeding their familes, paying fees so their children could go to school and had a real sense of worth through their ability to lift themselves out of poverty. Covid destroyed this.

The team plan to hold three regional conferences to bring the women together to meet in fellowship, to share stories, to help them move forward. These conferences are planned for June 2023 when the team from the UK will be in Uganda.

You can help make this happen. 

As we think of our own mothers and our Mother churches let's think of our mothers in Uganda.

£10 will buy a woman a ticket to attend the conference. It will pay for travel, accommodation, food and teaching over 2 days.



If you are able to help click on the donate button below which will take you to the paypal site. Make sure the drop down menu displays 'women's conference'

If you would like a gift certificate (in PDF form) to give to your loved ones then please email Alex (Ash Vale)or Judith enclosing your reference number or receipt and your email address to or


or contact Judith on 07968931572 

 Updated March 2023


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