Women's groups 


The women's groups have suffered badly as a result of Covid lockdowns and are struggling to restart or in some case start again.

The number of groups has fallen to 38 (from 41) and the membership of each group dropped to 15 - 18 women. During the last twelve months 9 of the women have died, in some cases leaving orphans. As members also dropped out of groups there was a loss of morale.

In May the Ugandan team met with every single group to try to inspire them and encourage them. They are now meeting with the groups weekly and the results are encouraging. 

The women have begun saving again. Some of the women are in a position to grow their businesses and others are starting again, but starting small. They are beginning to recover and to do doing well.

The three 'lost' groups have promised to meet again.

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Some of the women meeting at Kabatunda

The team really want to hold a women's conference to get all the women together in fellowship. This would enable them to share stories, to encourage and inspire each other. However at the moment we just don't have the funds. 

What the women can achieve together is wonderful and for the last fifteen years we have seen them grow in confidence, start and grow businesses enabling them to send their children to school and raise themselves above the bottom rung of poverty. We really want to see this again.

Updated August 2022

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