Women's groups 

Amaha We Uganda is trying to support our Ugandan team in bringing about renewal in the women’s groups- no easy task. Potentially ten groups have fallen by the wayside during the lockdowns and the groups that are left are smaller in number. During lockdowns in Uganda many women lost their small businesses and with it their self-esteem and sense of worth. No business meant no income and no school fees. The schools in Uganda have only just reopened after two years and many children will never return to the classroom. Many of our women just can’t afford school fees anymore. On top of that teenage pregnancy rates have soared during lockdown and many families are really struggling. Many of the microfinance loans remain unpaid for now and it would be easy to despair as many of the women are.

 William, Job and the team are going out into the villages to encourage and inspire the groups to renew and rebuild. There are success stories too and we want these successful women to help motivate those who were less successful through no fault of their own.

We want to support the team in holding a women’s conference to bring the women’s groups together to share experiences, support each other and rebuild. All this costs money. There are no benefits, no government subsidies or grants; you don’t work you don’t eat and your children don’t go to school.

We WILL help our women’s groups to rebuild and you could be part of this, either through prayer or financial giving- perhaps through Lent you could commit some time to pray for them or to donate some money towards the cost of the conference to aid this renewal back to sustainability. The women did it once and they can do it again with our help.

Let’s rebuild better together.

If you would like to donate, please click on the donate button below and make sure the 'womens conference' is ticked in the drop down menu on PayPal.


Updated March 2022

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