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Rev William Musisi- Mission Director- joint leadership

  • Reverend at St Paul's Cathedral, Kasese-in charge of mission

  • Responsible for the mission department of AWU.

  • Brilliant organiser and motivator.

  • Manages the logistics of all the missions both big and small.

  • A great visionary.

  • Meets with Job every Monday at the library to plan, pray and share.

  •  Responsible for overseeing the women’s groups in …….

  • Married to Felestus.

  • Seven children & supports his brother’s seven children.

Kule Job- executive director- joint leadership

  • Finance section of AWU.

  • Puts together budget papers & shares with the team.

  • Looks after the overall organisation- meetings with staff, board of directors and AWU UK.

  • Compiles reports.

  • Monitors all activities and ensures they are in line with the fulfilment of the organisation.

  • Tries to organise fundraising.

  • Married to Evelyn and has 4 children.


Amos Mukirane- now retired but director on NGO board

  • In charge of women’s groups and families.

  • Helps mobilise women with new groups..

  • Trains women in record keeping, book keeping and saving.

  • Reports back on a Monday at weekly staff meetings.

  • Has introduced successful development of kitchen gardens improving family diets and opportunities to sell produce.

  • Tries to visit homes.

  • Married to Lavinia and has 4 children but looks after many more.


Muhindo Jovius

  • Works under William and Job.

  • In charge of community facilitators for women’s groups.

  • Is community facilitator in Kasese for 11 groups.

  • Works in the library.

  • She takes the loan repayments to Job and all paperwork.

  • Helps selects new groups.

  • Married and has 2 children.


Jethro Bwenge

  • Works for the South Rwenzori Diocese as a children’s/youth worker.

  • Part time for AWU.

  • Responsible for street children.

  • Responsible for Kitswamba women’s groups.

  • Has a real heart for young people and is involved in training for Benjamin’s Joseph Generation.

  • Married to Perezi with 2 children.

Rev Johnckson Murabyo Thembo

  • Deacon working with the Mission officers in South Rwenzori Diocese and for The Barnabus Fund (supporting persecuted Christians).

  • Part time for AWU.

  • Responsible for street children with Jethro.

  • Responsible for women’s groups in Lhuwhawha and Bethsaida.

  • Married to Sadres with 6 children but looks after 14 altogether.

Lay reader  Johnckeson Bwambale (John)

  • In charge of St Peters church, Kanyangkiko near Kajwenge.

  • Works for the South Rwenzori Diocese so part time for AWU.

  • Was responsible for briquettes.

  • Responsible for 10 women’s groups- 6 in Kajwenge, 4 in Kamughobe.

  • Works well with struggling groups.

  • Good listener and encourager.

  • Married to Faith and has 6 children and 6 other dependants.


Benjamin Masereka

  • Our amazing Executive Director Emeritus.

  • Retired but ministry never stops- he has seen the joy of success with street boys.

  • Volunteer because he stays in relationship with people he's worked with.

  • Visioned the Joseph Generation.

  • Responsible for  some women's groups.

  • Building a retreat centre in Kajwenge. 

  • Mission is still his passion.

  • Married to Irena and has 6 children.







Community Facilitators for the women's groups

  • Volunteers but receiving a small allowance.


Baluku Deberi

  • Senior tutor for Good Samaritan.

  • Volunteers (small allowance).

Hairdressing tutor.JPG

Biira Sylvia

  • Hairdressing tutor

  • Successful graduate from skills centre.

  • Volunteer.

Tailor GS.JPG

Masika Loice

  • Tailoring tutor

  • Looking at Pads project as business opportunity for students.

  • Volunteer.

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