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Due to Covid -19 we had a shortfall in our funds which impacted on our project work in Uganda and the ability of the Ugandan Team to carry out their work. Our normal funding streams were severely impacted. Now in 2022 as we look forward the rising cost of living and inflation is our new challenge.

You can help by donating or by ordering through Smile on Amazon. Click on one of the links below.

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To find out the latest about each project click on one of the photographs below.

Tree Nurseries


Women's Groups

women 3.jpeg

Street Boys


A Grace Ministry

students grace ministry picture.png


We are currently in the process of deciding on a new fundraising platform. In the meantime please click on any of the donate buttons which will take you directly through to the Amaha We Uganda PayPal site. 

Using the dropdown menu you can choose one of four options: General Funds, Trees, Street Boys or Grace Ministries. (see below)

General Funds support all of our projects and infrastructure-mostly the team and what they need to fulfil their roles- on the ground in Uganda.

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