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It all started with Stephen's Well, thanks to Dr Yvonne Collins, in loving memory of her son Stephen.

The money she donated paid for a spring cap high in the Rwenzori Mountains above Rwesande

Picture3 SW.jpg
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Picture1 SW.jpg

Many metres of pipe was paid for by AWU and laid down the mountainside from the spring-cap.

Picture4 SW.jpg
Picture 6 SW.jpg
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The pipeline by-passed the old water tank and feeble tap until it reached the bottom of the mountainside and the road approximately 20 miles from Rwesande.

The terrain is steep and difficult to work on.

Picture7 SW.jpg

The tap has shortened the distance women and children have to walk to collect water.

They no longer have to negotiate the steep incline to the previous tap.

Picture9 SW.jpg
Picture10 SW.jpg

Children fill their jerry cans from the permanently flowing spring water

Following phase 1 many more metres of pipes were laid to continue the water supply to Rwesande and the clinic.

The water supply here was intermittent and dependent on the rain.

Picture11 SW.jpg
Picture12 SW.jpg

Rwesande clinic now has a permanent water supply and 2 other taps in the village.

Picture14 SW.jpg
Picture16 SW.jpg

The last phase was to take water to the church and school in Kyabarungira. 

In October 2007 trenches were dug by local people to lay many more metres of pipe which would be connected from an existing tap.

This tap was to be connected to the Stephen’s well project.

Darley Dene Infant School raised money at its Harvest Festival to buy the water holding tank needed to finish the water project completely.

Picture17 SW.jpg
Picture18 SW.jpg
Picture19 SW.jpg

The map of the completed project. Many more taps have been linked up along the way. This shows the maximum distance this water source will supply.



St Mary's, Ash Vale, responded to an urgent need after the Sunday School at St Peter's church, Nyakasanga, Kasese, increased by 102 children following a recent mission . The congregation at St Mary's raised funds to replace the ancient long drop, which was no longer fit for purpose, with a new toilet block. The money raised provided the necessary materials and, with volunteer labour, the toilet block was completed. The facility is much appreciated by the children at the Sunday School and the fast growing congregation at the church. The building was inspired and led by Rev William Musisi, vicar of that church and leader of AWU Uganda.


Following completion of the toilet block, Amaha We Uganda provided the funds for a sanitation facility.


AWU has also been able to contribute to a small water irrigation project in Kajwenge thanks to Simon Clarke who made a donation covering this and the sanitation facility at St Peter's.

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