Street Boys

Our first generation of street boys have graduated, many having their own families now.

A new generation brought new ways of working. Now the team in Uganda work hard to try and get boys safely back into their families and off the streets.

This was proving a successful model and some families had seen real change in their boys; down to the inspiring work of the team, meeting these boys in fellowship and bible study, showing them unconditional love, teaching them better ways of behaviour, playing games with them (football), feeding them and giving them soap. 

Between 26 and 35 boys were meeting the team every 2 weeks at the library and making good use of the Garden of Eden. (see some of the Blogs for updates and photos). Each fortnight they received either soap or lunch.

Then came the Pandemic.

With funding reduced due to Covid-19, there is an impact on what our team in Uganda can continue to provide. There are more boys ending up on the streets. Potentially, meetings will be reduced to monthly and each boy will only receive soap or lunch each month.

The team fear the boys will stop coming to meet them and it will become harder to change their attitudes and persuade them to go home.

We are delighted to announce that due to some regular donations the work with street children can carry on as pre-covid lockdown in Uganda. Check out the latest Blog: Fellowship, Food and Football to see the latest photos.

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Street Boys click here

Updated January 2021