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Street Boys

Meeting in fellowship with the street boys was a real blessing. The change in them over the last four years is truly miraculous and solely down to the relationship the team have built up with the boys over the years. The boys have learned to trust them and us. They continue to meet fortnightly and are given their soap (a promise that AWU made and have kept for 13 years) and a meal. We noticed how polite and respectful the boys were and they even helped to clear away. There were so many wonderful stories of change in their lives.

boys at the car wash.jpg

These boys are working at the local car wash. It is not their dream as they would all like to be drivers. They recognise the importance of working around cars and they told us that they can now feed themselves breakfast, lunch and dinner with the money they are earning.

Clovis Robert and Cosmas.jpg

Muhindo Clovis, Mugisha Robert and Cosmas Byaruhanga are being trained in motorcycle mechanics. They will each receive a toolbox and overalls which will give them a sustainable future.


Goffred is being trained in shoe making and is very good at it.


Martin is a referee for Kasese district and is proudly showing off his football medals. Martin runs the AWU football team (below) made up of the older generation of street boys. Hamis is a driver and has just renewed his driving permit thanks to AWU. Both Martin and Hamis pay school fees for their children.

AWU football team_edited_edited.jpg

Our Amaha We Uganda football team now has a football kit.

Thank you St Wilfrids Church, Nottingham, for your amazing donation of all this kit. The boys were overjoyed to receive it.

For more information on the street boys see new blogs (coming soon)

Updated July 2023

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