Street Boys

Despite the difficulties of lockdown, the news on the street boys is encouraging. Through your generous donations, the team in Uganda were able to feed the boys twice a week. The team no longer have to search for the boys who come to the Garden of Eden willingly to share in food, fellowship and fun. The team are reaching 43 street boys, 15 of whom have started going to church.

As well as these 43 boys, 13 other boys have been reunited with their families.

Clovis 1.jpg

My name is Clovis. I am 14 years old.

I have lived on the streets for 9 years.

I am grateful to Amaha We Uganda for the food, soap and money provided to me during lockdown which helped reduce the stress I was going through during lockdown. 

My major challenge is shelter. I feel so bad at night sleeping in verandas in the cold.

When resources allow, I wish to attain a skill in motor engine mechanics to enable me earn a living in the future.’

“My name is Bwambale Geofred

I am 16 years old. I have been living on the streets for 5 years.

I thank Amaha We Uganda for the support given to all the street boys- food, soap and a little money. The food relief during lockdown saved me a lot.  I am especially grateful for the walking stick given to me to help me to walk very well. God bless all who are involved in supporting us as street children.

When I began being with the other street boys I gave them some little money and I got used to them and they became my friends. We support each other and I work with them at their speed and their pace.”


Last week the street boys asked if they could have some new clothes instead of food. What a choice. Fortunately we were able to send additional money, through a timely donation, so the boys could have both.


Updated December 2021

Jerry cans have been purchased for 4 of the street boys and the team registered them at the local carwash. This is a real opportunity for the boys to earn their own money and change their circumstances for the better.

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