Street Boys

Up to 40 street boys have been meeting fortnightly at The Garden of Eden and Library during the last 12 months. They have shared in fellowship and football each time. At alternate meetings they have received either food or soap.

On the 7th June Uganda went into a second lockdown due to rising Covid cases. This means all schools, churches, markets and gatherings have been closed or stopped for 42 days from this date.

The street boys rely on casual labour around the markets to give them money to buy food. This casual work has currently gone.

The team in Uganda are now feeding these boys once a week, funded by Amaha We Uganda UK. The team are also moving out into Customs, an area heavily reliant on markets to provide for street boys there. It is also an area of great poverty. Amaha We Uganda is going to feed street boys there too. In total we will be feeding 70 street boys and giving them soap.

As a small charity we rely on not only regular donations but prayerful donations in times of emergency such as now.

If you feel able to donate towards feeding these boys (no donation is too small) then please follow the link below. Thank you.

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Updated July 2021