A Grace Ministry for a Moses-Like Generation

A Grace Ministry is currently funded by Ian Smale assited by donations from the Patrow Family of churches of which he ia a member. It was started by William Musisi in Uganda because of a huge number of orphans in his parishes. William  is a director of AWU in Uganda and it has been brought under the AWU umbrella because of william's substantial involvement with both and as it ministers to the needs of the people in the same geographical location. Donations to this project go into a restricted fund overseen by the Trustees of AWU.

Currently there are 25 young people being sponsored. Three of the children are in Primary School, one young person in college and the rest in secondary school. These young people were chosen because of the poverty they were living in and the sad circumstances which had placed them there. Many are orphans: some living with extended family, some in single parent extreme poverty or in one case completely alone.

There are several reasons for their situations: fathers were killed in the Rwenzuru massacres, fathers abandoned the mother, one father was killed in an accident and another murdered in a robbery, one or both parents died from HIV/Aids.

None of these children were in a position to have school fees paid so couldn’t attend.

Since March 2020 schools have been closed because of Covid-19 and education has in the main not been available to the majority of children. However, in October 2020 some year groups re-opened and 12 of these children have returned to school. Their fees have been paid up until December 2020 and the fees for the end of term important exams.

The next term begins in January  2021 with end of school year exams in March or April. The money still needs to be raised to pay for these next set of fees.

Updated October 2020

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