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A Grace Ministry for a Moses-Like Generation

Update December 2023

This project began in 2018 and was incorporated into Amaha We Uganda in 2019 as the trustees and other individuals involved on the ground in South Rwenzori are the same.

There are many orphans in South Rwenzori. They suffer emotional damage through the loss of one or both parents and also, of course, serious financial deprivation. The Grace Ministry supports a number of orphans by covering their school fees (and other costs from time to time) thus enabling them to have better employment prospects when they leave school or college. Some of the students have already completed their education and gone on into employment.

In the last year the Grace Ministry supported 28 students. This year the budgeted aim is to increase that number to 35. The students range in ages from 15 to 22. The increase in the number is possibly due to the new support from a church in Andover and a number of individuals connected to it. There are many more orphaned students that we are not yet able to support but it is hoped that we can support more and more in the future.

Three times a year the student’s support team in Uganda meet with the them for a day and once a year for a 3 day conference to assess their needs and motivation and to encourage them.

Their progress is monitored at the end of each term and we receive a progress report and feedback on each one.

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Amaha We Uganda have a separate restricted fund within the trust so that all donations to The Grace Ministry for a Moses-Generation go directly to supporting the young people in this ministry.

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Revd Ian Smale

December 2023

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Updated December 2023

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