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A Grace Ministry for a Moses-Like Generation

Update September 2021

As at September 2021 29 young people (3 at primary level, 20 at secondary level and 6 in short term vocational training courses )are being supported.

Their school fees have been paid for 2020/21 at a cost of approx. £3800 pa.

For 2021/2 we are seeking to support 35 students. It is hoped that more people will grasp the need and the vision so that more orphans and more young people in poor single-parent families can get a good education and know they are loved by God. Can we, one day, reach that initial target of Williams to support 100 young people? The need is great.

As at September the schools are still closed due to the pandemic. The fees have been paid for the ‘summer term’ which will begin as soon as the schools reopen. In the meantime, some temporary food relief has been sent to get the families through a particularly difficult time because of the restrictions.

William and his team keep us regularly informed. They meet with all the students at the end of every term to encourage them, pray for them, monitor their progress and assess their needs. They provide a detailed termly report of the progress of each young person, plus financial reports 3 times a year and a budget for the coming year.

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Amaha We Uganda have a separate restricted fund within the trust so that all donations to The Grace Ministry for a Moses-Generation go directly to supporting the young people in this ministry.

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Revd Ian Smale

September 2021

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Updated September 2021

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