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Report for the period March to December 2020

 Update April 2021

All Senior 4 pupils have taken their exams and will be moving into Senior 5 in May 2021

The year 2020 started well and students had started their first term successfully. But, in March, they were put into lockdown due to the Corona Virus pandemic and not able to continue with the education for the rest of the year.

We were, however, able to give the students and their families, food and some other basic necessities for 8months which was done in three phases with your help. The students are very grateful for this support.



1. First term fees were paid for every beneficiary.

2. We enrolled 7 new students (names and ages provided).

4. We have paid the school fees and registration fees for all the students for the new term (delayed from March 2020) which is beginning January 2021.

5. We held students fellowships in Bwera on 21/12/2020 and Kasese on 23/12/2020.The students were happy to meet again and narrated what they were going through during lockdown.



i. Covid-19 Lockdown which hindered academic progress.

ii. During lockdown, two of our student beneficiaries disappointingly became pregnant. One of them accepted to continue with school since she is a Senior 4 candidate and ready to do her final exams (we have even paid for her examination fees.) Due to this COVID-19 lockdown, most students became redundant with so much time on their hands and no opportunities for us to meet with them to encourage and guide them. Some resorted to making unwise friendships. Going forward, the pregnant beneficiaries will be suspended for 1 year to allow them breastfeed, after which, if funds allow, they will be enrolled to acquire a hand skill to enable them earn a living.

iii. Some of the beneficiaries were affected by the May 2020 floods but God saved their lives although they lost some property.

iv. Generally we were not able to meet much of our planned activities especially in monitoring academic progress due to the lockdown, which hindered our performance.



i. More fellowship meetings with the students are needed to guide and counsel them.

ii. Increasing the number of beneficiaries because so many parents have been displaced due to the May 2020 floods and many others lost their jobs during the lockdown.

Updated April 2021

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