From 2005 - 2016 in pictures- a brief history

Our love for the Bakonjo children in South Rwenzori began with our first visit in 2005. 

We took our mission into schools both in Kasese and Kajwenge. Our visit culminated in two huge celebrations; one  with 2000 people marching through the streets of Kasese, including hundreds of children, and one in Kajwenge  with a joyful celebration of culture.

We left a small gift of money to each of 6 schools to do with as they decided. When we returned in 2006, 5 of these schools had 'grown' their money with the help of voluntary parent labour and built wisely. Nyamwamba Parents Primary School had built a classroom. 



Nyamwamba Parent's Primary School, Kasese (below & middle)

Kajwenge CofU Primary School, Kajwenge (top row)

Kajwenge Primary School, Lhuwhawha (left)

St Peter's Primary School, Kasese (below)

Interschool sports (above left), Kasese celebrations (above middle & above right) 


The new parent built classroom with the monetary gift, Nyamwamba

The new government built classroom in response, Nyamwamba

Lavinia, head of Nyamwamba, proudly displaying the music cup won by the school

Demonstrating a warrior dance, Nyamwamba (left)

Music group,playing traditional instruments, Nyamwamba. (right)

In 2007 Darley Dene Infants School formed a link with Nyamwamba Parents Primary School and shared learning and lessons, built gardens at both Nyamwamba and Darley Dene, growing each others crops and investigating the successes and failures, exchanging footballs and skipping ropes and through this work earned an International Schools Award through the British Council. Darley Dene kept this award for 9 years in recognition of the partner work with this school and other schools in the area.

A teacher from Darley Dene joined the team to visit in 2008 and taught very large groups of pupils games from the UK and played Ugandan games.

Letters were exchanged and questions asked and answered on both sides.

The children at Darley Dene raised funds to buy footballs, skipping ropes and netball bibs so the Nyamwamba team could take part in inter schools netball tournaments. Darley Dene continued to raise funds each time the team visited Uganda, providing pencils, sports clothes, chalks and skipping ropes for an increasing number of schools over several years.



Exchange of footballs at Nyamwamba (top left) and Kajwenge CofU Primary School Kajwenge (top middle)

Waiting in anticipation - but just look at those seats! (top right)

Skipping rope Uganda style (middle  left) and skipping rope UK style (middle centre) Even the teachers like to play (middle right)

Nyamwamba receiving their netball bibs (bottom left) What a great looking team- now we can play in tournaments. (bottom middle)

UK game of 'ladders' (left) 



 Uganda game of seven stones(far left)



Letters from Brownies to  Kajwenge CofU Primary School

Letters from Pyrford Primary  Kajwenge CofU Primary

Break time at St Peter's, Kasese

Senior School football team Kabatunda- uniform donated by Pryford Social Club (far left)

New shelves in the library at Nyamwamba (left)


Inter schools football and netball was part of the 2010 youth mission, watched and enjoyed by hundreds of people in Kasese. The cup winners were thrilled.

Sharing flags as part of an initiative by Surrey Arts and as part of the International Schools Award. The Darley Dene flag (far left) was designed by a pupil at Darley Dene Infant School. The Nyamwamba flag (left)  was designed by Nyamwamba School and made in the UK.

St Mary's Ash Vale also developed close school links with Daylight Primary School,  funding a lot of their building and furniture, and St Barnabas in Kasese.

Pyrford CofE Primary School developed links with Kajwenge CofU Primary School, exchanging letters.

Pyrford Scouts also raised funds for the schools projects.

From 2005 to 2016 links between schools grew and teams usually visit to give encouragement each trip.

Exchange programmes were also organised between Bwera Secondary School and college students from The Forest of Dean. 

Kajwenge CofU Primary School

St Barnabas Primary School, Kasese

Kinyamaseke Primary School


Library at Nyamwamba filling up with books donated by Forest Dean

Nyamwamba pupils receiving a book about life at Darley Dene

The land at Nyamwamba to be transformed into a garden to grow crops to feed the children at lunchtime

Ready to plant in the ground (left)

Bee hives for honey- used for food and medicine (right)

And then when you have been such a successful head you are given a new school to transform !!  Kanyangeya Primary School (below)

Ready for pupils 

Staff at Kanyangeya with Headteacher Lavinia

The director of Education outside his office in Kasese

Orphans at Kajwenge CofU Primary School. It's lunch time. (left & centre)


Lavinia has done an amazing job. Staff at Kanyangeya receiving pencils from Darley Dene (above)

Games instead of PE at Kanyangeya

Ngome Junior School 


Teaching a lesson the Great Fire of London planned by year 2 at Darley Dene. The children loved the glue and paper. (above)

Lessons at Kajwenge CofU Primary

Nursery classes P1 - P3 Kajwenge CofU Primary

Daylight School, Kasese (far left)

Half a class learning outside because the classroom is too small. Nyakasanga Primary School, Kasese. (centre)

Teaching handwriting on the slates provided by Education Uganda- a UK charity (left)

Ngome Vocational Secondary School

A gift for going- I wonder where that will end up - in Irena's cooking pot.

2015 was mostly about skipping ropes and chalk. Even the teachers love to show off their athletic prowess. Chalk is always much appreciated because children often use slates for their learning.  

Nyakasanga Primary School (top row)

Nyamwamba Primary school teachers and pupils having fun. (above left)  Kanyangeya Primary School (above centre and right)

Chalk delivery to Gad's private school near Bwera. (left)

Nyamwamba Primary school (top left)

Ngome Vocational Secondary School (above)

Nyakasanga Primary School (top right)

Primary School in Customs- 200 children fit in these rooms. (left)

Sunday- finding a place to do our homework. (right)


Sport's day Kanyangeya (far left, centre)

Chalk and uniform delivery Kanyangeya (left)

Chalk for Nyakasanga (left)

Volleyball at Bwera Secondary School (right)


And so what next? When we visit Uganda in Spring of 2019, we hope to take lesson material to teachers and students in as many of our schools as possible, teaching the importance of protecting the environment by not cutting down trees. Hopefully we can educate the young people in the advantages of using briquettes, instead of wood, on medical and environmental grounds. To view the lesson plans click here

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