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Seeds of Hope

The seed, collected from November 2020's bountiful harvest, is now being paid forward to the women who did not receive seed in the first distribution. This seed is being given to women's groups in Kisinga, Kajwenge, Kagando and around the Kasese office and library.

The new season's planting starts in March and crops will be harvested in May.

The videos, below, show this distribution out of the 977 kg seed given back from the first harvest to sow in the new season.

We sincerely believe that these seeds of hope will start to provide a sustainable means of growing crops in the seasons to come.

William is directing proceedings to the groups from Kisinga, Kagando and Kajwenge. His daughter, Doreen, is one of the area facilitators and is handing out the seed.

Job is directing proceedings at The Garden of Eden and Library.

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