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Monkeys in the kitchen

From Gatwick, we (Neil, Mike, Helen and Judith - who looks exhausted before she started!) made the long flight to Entebbe, Uganda, via Dubai. We arrived 14 hours later to a wonderful greeting from our Ugandan team. We set off immediately for the journey to Nabugabo, a retreat centre on the shores of Lake Nabugabo, 150 km from Entebbe. Although it was pitch dark when we arrived, someone had to start cooking so Neil, Helen and Jovius set to. After a delicious meal we collapsed into our beds.

We awoke the next morning to the peace and tranquillity of Lake Nabugabo-absolutely stunning.

And then, who would have thought it, a troupe of vervet monkeys came creeping up on Jovius. Although entertaining, they became a bit of a nuisance having found their way into the kitchen, and it was a full time job keeping them away while we were cooking.

The next two days were spent in the most wonderful fellowship, singing, dancing studying and acting out Luke 24 until we were all familiar with the theme of the mission and prepared for each of the groups we were visiting, the Youth Talent Show and the Good Samaritan Graduation Ceremony. The logistics of moving people around, feeding them and the venues also had to be organised. By the time we had finished we knew exactly what the mission would entail. Well with maybe some extras thrown in as always!

Of course there was time for a little R&R so why wouldn't you have a swim?

The full moon was stunning while we were there, rising dark red, then sending a stairway across the Lake. It truly was the most wonderful place.

Before we set off on our long journey to Kajwenge, Helen gave each of the team some shirts that had belonged to her Father. They were beautifully tailored and packaged and the team were delighted with them.

We were ready for the off! The hard work was about to begin.

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