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Mobility for Josiah- Caroline Oldroyd

Last year I sent AWU the money for a wheelchair for a lady whom I had seen when I visited Uganda in July/August 2016. Following that William approached me to ask for another wheelchair for a man called Josiah in his congregation. Josiah was unable to walk since birth and had no independent means of moving around apart from crawling. I decided to email all my physiotherapy contacts, those at the Good Shepherd church and those I know from working, to ask if they would be prepared to give just £10 towards a wheelchair for Josiah. Judith put the appeal on virgin money which meant we could claim gift aid on any donations.

Within a few months we had the £200 needed for the wheelchair and Robert was able to send Job the money.

William ordered the chair and with the money left over was able to buy a new mattress for Josiah.

This man now has restored dignity and some independent mobility and all from the generosity of physiotherapists who know how important these are.

Praise God for this opportunity to help our brothers and sisters in Uganda and for AWU which makes this all possible.

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