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Little Extras in Kajwenge

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Of course whatever the initial plan one should always expect the little extras on any mission. Some more unexpected than others!

Capajungo Judith, an hour old. Benjamin's granddaughter born in the car we were about to use in Benjamin's back yard.

These are often the things that make a visit to Uganda so special and deepen our relationships. So take a peek at the photos below with a simple titled explanation.

Our wonderful sister Margaret and her daughter Ruthh

Linda with her caring sister. We had a wonderful visit to Linda's home to see her mother, Margaret. The Spirit was with us.

Building a boat in Jethro's back garden. (Benjamin's neighbour). The boat is for use on the fish ponds - also in the back garden.

Spot the crickets. Pilot scheme to grow crickets for food. Also in Jethro's back garden!

Benjamin's beautiful retreat centre he is building. Benjamin is standing by the tree Tamsin planted in 2014.

Tree planting in Benjamin's retreat centre.

What do you think about this Susan? Susan is Dorcas's daughter and another granddaughter to Benjamin.

And so we say goodbye to Kajwenge. Until next time.

Bidding a sad farewell to friends in Kajwenge we moved on to Kasese.

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