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Kampala to Jinja to Rwesande to Kasese

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

In 2014 Neil, Dan, Rachel and Michael took the Boda Boda race to Jinja before heading west to Kasese. They spent time in mission at Sam's church in Jinja as well as organising for the race (which Dan has had plenty of practise in). This time Rachel and Michael were riding as well.

Neil messaged from Jinja

" the moment we are building bikes for prizes, taking posters round the town, doing stuff in an internet cafe. The route is planned and we have 20 traffic cops to help. pray that people turn out to watch. for safety. Your prayers are being answered Praise God! although it’s the rainy season the weather is perfect very little rain and cooler than the dry season. Michael and Rachel are doing great, perfect for this mission. we are thinking a lot about poverty what it is and how God responds. lots of love to you and all on the prayer chain. Neil. "

Following the mission in Jinja the team headed west to some well earned rest in Rwesande before meeting with the street kids, going to the library, spending quality time with the team and as always much much more.

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