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Lavinia the Superhero

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

In Uganda the headteacher goes where she is sent. Having transformed Nyamwamba, Lavinia was sent to Kanyangeya, a school next to the airfield in Kasese. Not that it was much of a school- a couple of classrooms and a couple of buildings with no roof!

Lavinia set to work and the changes by 2013 proved what an inspiration she is. Lavinia is so passionate about education that she would take children who couldn't afford a uniform in the beginning but by 2013 the children in school were wearing uniform, the buildings had been transformed and she had an amazing staff of dedicated teachers. So we didn't mind contributing a teacher's desk.

As with all schools world wide there is always work to be done but Lavinia doesn't waste any time. She has an amazing track record.

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