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Independent learning- now that's impressive.

Choosing a book

It was a total surprise to turn up to the library for our day with spouses to find a group of secondary age students sitting in one of the rooms.

I went in to find out why they were there and did not expect their response.

These students are currently not allowed to continue their studies at school because their parents are unable to pay the school fees. This is primarily because the first rainy season didn't arrive this year and all crops failed. As many people rely on these crops to sell and make money (as well as for food) families are very poor.

But these students decided to meet together to continue their studies so they will not have fallen behind when they can return to school.

Thank goodness the library is there for them and thank you for the donations that made it possible. It demonstrates how important the library is.

And what an inspirational group of learners.

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