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David and Goliath-Mission 2005

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

What a Welcome (and culture shock). Twenty -five of us travelled to The South Rwenzori, Uganda, most of us for the first time. We went to share the Love of Jesus with our soon to be Bakonzo friends. Neil and Helen Lambert had lived in Rwesande for 'x' number of years working with Emmanuel International. It was here Neil met the amazing Benjamin, a wonderful disciple of Christ and evangelist. They became fast friends. When he invited the congregation at The Church of The good Shepherd (where he was a curate) to go on a visit with his sister, the Reverend Val Turner, and some of her congregation from the Forest of Dean to Kasese, Uganda, I think he was shocked at the response. Undaunted he took all of us who signed up. We fell in love with Uganda immediately.

The greeting we received at St Paul's church Kajwenge, despite being several hours late.

The sights, sounds and smells were completely new to most of us and when we were greeted by so many people at St paul's church, despite how late we were arriving, it was quite overwhelming for most of us and truly emotional (in a good way).

We spent time in several schools explaining to the children how all their 'Goliath's' could be overcome. The visit culminated in an amazing parade and feast in Kasese, attended by hundreds of children and their families, and a joyful cultural celebration in Kajwenge.

(see slide show below)

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