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Wonderful Women of Kajwenge and Lhuwhawha

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

It speaks for itself.

Now read a few testimonies.

1. Pridas " I helped look after the orphans in Margaret's place. My children have all gone to school. I am now looking after an orphan who has just passed through senior 6. Now we have mobile phones. I am 77 years old and I am a church warden. I give thanks to Amaha We Uganda."

2. Penina "I took a loan from the women's group and I put myself through school even though I was older. I left my young children. By the time the children were ready for school I had finished. I am now a nursery school teacher and can pay for my children's school fees."

3. Joli " When I joined the women's group I was taught how to make baskets. I continue to do that and I sell them. The loan helped me to get what I needed. I sent 3 children to school. One has a primary diploma and is employed by the government, my second has a diploma and is volunteering with Compassion, my third has a bachelors degree but is not yet employed. Amaha We Uganda has given us empowerment."

4. Dorofin "Amaha We Uganda's love for Benjamin has been extended to us. I took a loan to roof my house. The second loan paid for shutters. Now I have a complete home. I took a third loan to pay for my children's school fees. One child has a degree and the other is in higher education."

5. Margaret "I was one of the first members. My heart yearned for prayer and Benjamin and Tina kept praying. I took loans that went on my business. I continued in my business and the profit paid my children's school fees. I plant and harvest. I keep pigs. I know how to manage my loans. My child has just finished Senior 4 and started at college. Thank you for your prayers"

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