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The Garden of Eden

The library garden across the road from the library

Just across the road from the library is the garden that so many of you helped to plant through your kind donations. The walls have been built, the fence erected and planting completed. Obviously things take time to grow but the planting clearly shows the plan for the garden.

Garden plan

Planting already completed - in pictures below.

Neil was asked to plant a tree. So Jethro dug, Neil planted and Mike watered. The garden was then named The Garden of Eden.

I handed the prayers, written by people who attended B's indoor festival party, to Job. They will be kept safe and prayed over.

The street boys and the women's groups will meet in the garden for free. It is hoped other community groups will pay a small charge to use the ground, and even eventually hold weddings and parties in the garden.

Neil suggested that bougainvillea is planted along the fence line to make the site pretty. Bougainvillea is a weed in Uganda so it should do well.

An old photo of Amos, Lavinia and Judith (2008) but showing bougainvillea hedge behind.

The team will also build 2 traditional meeting huts on the land when finances permit. (see plan). Maybe that is something we could help with on our next trip. I quite fancy building with mud!

There are dreams and plans to purchase a piece of land behind the Garden of Eden, which will increase further the possibility of holding functions, and to build a toilet block. There are some bricks already made. (we should have got Mike to pray over these bricks!)

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