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Support our women

Post Covid lockdowns many of the women in our women's groups have lost their businesses.

We want to hold a women's conference to help our women rebuild and be inspired to start again. Their children are not able to go back to school after 2 years because they don't have money to pay the school fees.

Miriam Bwambale, the community facilitator looking after 3 groups, says "By the time corona came we had given out loans to these women. Because of lockdown they failed to pay back and their income is still low. They are not able to pay school fees in some cases and there is no help. Five women died in the last two years (not Covid) leaving orphans"

Read three personal stories below as told by themselves.

"I am called Annette Baluko. I am a widow and I have four children. Lockdown came in and we were locked in our homes and were no longer fellowshipping as groups. Our money got finished and we are failing to get money and start saving again."

"I am Biira Agnes. During lockdown we had various problems. Our businesses dropped and return back money for our support stopped. (loan repayment). We failed even to pay school fees for our children. I have five children. We need more prayer."

"My name is Olivia Mukesi. My business was growing and selling cabbages and eggplants. Borders were closed during lockdown meaning we couldn't sell from our businesses in town (Bwera). I failed to get money to save in our groups."

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