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Lockdown Emergency 2

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Uganda has gone into a period of 42 days lockdown due to rising cases of Covid.

Closed markets and closed schools have impacted both our street boys and women's groups significantly. Street boys are no longer able to access casual labour in markets to feed themselves and women can't operate their small businesses. Children have returned from school so there are more mouths to feed and less to feed them with.

On top of this, the harvest was poor because of torrential rains followed by drought so there is less to share round.

Amaha We Uganda are feeding more street boys, once a week, in Kasese and Customs.

The churches are providing food packages again to the poorest of the poor to help them through the next 42 days.

William, Job and the team are working immensely hard to roll this work out.

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