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Rocking it in Kamughobe

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

The women were so joyful in their songs of Praise while Jethro and one of the women rocked it out on the drums.

I think we managed a quick lunch before leaving Kajwenge and arriving at Kamughobe. Things always take so much longer than scheduled as wonderful relationships have been formed over the years and it's like meeting old friends. There is so much to talk about because of the impact of the AWU loans on these women and their families.

Below are just 5 stories.

1. Meris "I took out a loan to buy a pig. I was blessed with piglets which I sold. The profit educated the children and now I have paid back my loan. At the moment I don't have a loan."

2. Savia "I learnt how to run a business. I learnt how to pray. I learnt how to be revived. Through the profits on my loans for a small business {I have educated my children} one of my children has become a nurse and one an accountant."

3. Felestus "I have never gone to school but have educated my children through piece work. I ran to Amaha We Uganda. I am very punctual and always attend. I feel honoured that I was given a gift of 50,000 UGX because I am the best performer in punctuality, loan repayment, zero absenteeism and serving. (out of 800 women). I shared the gift with my husband. I have a son in Israel."

4. Annette "We were offered a gift that we could benefit from. We learned how to utilise a little fund and make it grow. I was taught how to care for my children and husband. I learnt about nutrition and I now have a kitchen garden. I can improve the diet of my family from the kitchen garden and sell some crops."

5. Difrosa "When I joined my child was in senior 6. Now through the loans to help my small business my child has finished university with a bachelor's degree."

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