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Bwera's got Talent

The talent contest had to be relocated due to the confirmed Ebola case in Uganda. (It is pleasing to report that Ebola was contained efficiently and to date there has not been another case in Uganda) This meant that some of the youth and women's groups had to travel from Bwera to Kajwenge, instead of going to Customs on the border with the DRC. It was very impressive to see that strict rules about hand washing were in place and UNICEF had facilitated this by placing water and bleach containers around schools, churches and meeting areas. We were constantly being instructed to wash our hands.

The brief, for the youth groups and the Bwera women, was to produce two musical performances telling the story of Luke 24; one in the Bakonzo traditional style of story telling and one in a contemporary style.

Traditional song and dance which made Benjamin laugh! Yamagando Chapel.

I wish I could move like these young people do! All Saints, Kighando.

All Saints, Customs, (William's church) gives a flavour of the contemporary style.

It was amazing to see how much hard work had gone into all of the performances. The talent was outstanding and enjoyed by the ever increasing audience as well as, quite clearly, the participants.

Below is a gallery of photos showcasing the day, beginning with arrivals followed by traditional song and drama, contemporary song, a thrilling interlude (where you might catch glimpses of Neil, Helen and Mike), feeding the 5,000 (well not quite!), the announcement of the winners and finally going home.

Which truck would you choose to ride 30 km home in?

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