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Bountiful Harvest

Part of Amaha We Uganda's 'No Money No Food' campaign involved providing seed for planting in August, thus providing crops of beans for food in the next season. The harvest was blessed providing an enormous harvest in November. All the women's groups who had received seed for planting gave some seed back after harvesting. This seed will be redistributed in March 2021 for the next season's planting. In this way we hope they can make this a sustainable means of growing food.

In total 977kg of beans were paid forward for replanting. An amazing feat.

It is not only the beans which have done well. The third tree nursery, in the mountain region of Kiraro, near Bwera, is also doing well.

And still more good news is that tree saplings from Kajwenge have been taken up to the mountains of Kabatunda. Below is a photo of the women being trained in the vital importance of these trees and how to take care of them.

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