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Water-the good and the not so good.

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

In 2015 it was good to see the taps (from the source at Stephen's Well) in Rwesande fully operational and being used. The pipeline had been handed over to Rwesande because having ownership ensured they would look after it responsibly.

In the mountains and foothills of the Rwenzori there is plenty of water from streams running off the glaciers. Benjamin, and others, have built ponds on their land for fish farming, therefore improving their diet.

Sadly the area around Bwera is really dry so women still have to walk a long way to the river water source and tap for washing their clothes and drinking. However it does mean that briquettes are widely used by the women's groups in Bwera as there are no trees to cut down for firewood.

Cutting down trees for firewood has impacted the land and in the rainy seasons the water cascades down the steep mountain sides washing away the top soil. The rainy seasons are less predictable now and rainstorms can be very destructive.

In 2014 the devastating floods had caused the river to completely change course in Kilembe and it was a miracle people escaped with their lives. On a positive note the river dumped silt and gravel in Kasese which made excellent building materials - free to anyone who owned parcels of land.

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