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How different can it be?

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Well for starters there are way more children in a Ugandan class than in a UK classroom!

In 2007 Laura, a teacher at Darley Dene, joined the team going out to Uganda. Darley Dene (then Infant's School) had applied for an International School's Award and, as part of this project, her class had looking at the possible difference in playground games in schools in Uganda. The children had completed a huge maths topic which involved deciding which were the best footballs and skipping ropes for Laura to take, thinking about cost and value for money and weight (for luggage). Laura came out to bring the footballs and skipping ropes to exchange with the equivalent Ugandan equipment for the children at Darley Dene to use. She also took netball bibs - a request from Nyamwamba- because without them the children were not allowed to take part in inter schools netball tournaments.

Laura also (with Judith and willing helpers from the AWU team) ended up teaching and playing games with an entire school! It was such fun.

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