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Martin’s Story

Martin is a street boy who use to live in a tree stealing to feed himself and spending much of his time avoiding the police.  Martin became part of the Hope for Uganda (Amaha We Uganda) street boys in 2010 when a team of young people visited Kasese.  He demonstrated a desire to help with our projects, be involved and to look after the group of boys.I n 2011 Martin got baptised with John, one of the younger street boys.  The women’ group at All Saints pledged to welcome those street boys who had joined the congregation and to ‘look after’ them in church.Amaha We Uganda trained Martin as a trainer for fire briquette making and he continued to support the street boys and womens’ groups in this opportunity.  Amaha We also gave him a driving apprenticeship which he passed.  He continued to support the boys emotionally and tried hard to look after John who had gone back to his old ways of drinking and substance abuse.  He also lost his sister who he had been looking after.Despite all, Martin remained faithful to Amaha We Uganda, attended church and regular fellowship meetings with the team.  In 2015 he declared that he wanted to be a preacher and Benjamin (AWU NGO) has promised to send him for some initial training.While chatting to the street boys (young men now) John turned up, desperate to rejoin the group and promising to change his ways.  He had been badly beaten up in an alcohol fuelled brawl, AWU UK paid for medical attention and Martin offered John his home to live in as long as he stayed away from alcohol and drugs.  Martin is now looking after his ‘wife’, child and John.A text from Martin last week said things were going well.  “I can’t thank you enough for turning me into what I am today.  I thank God for that.”A mother comes in different guises!

– Martin, Street Boy Kasese

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