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Cycle ride anyone?

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

In 2010 a youth mission comprising 37 young people (mostly 18-25 year olds) from 4 churches across The Guildford Diocese; St Mary’s Ash Vale, St Paul's Addlestone, St Peter's Chertsey and the Church of the Good Shepherd Pyrford, set off for the South Rwenzori under the banner of Hope for Uganda as it was then. During the three week mission the team worked in local schools, met with women’s micro-finance groups at a women's conference, met and worked with local street children and organised Boda Boda races in 3 different locations; Kinyamaseke (blue t-shirts in photos), Hima (yellow) and Kasese (also yellow). The 'smoke' in the Hima photos is pollution from the Hima cement factory!

The cycle races were initially intended for the boda boda riders - boys who provide a taxi service around Kasese District and who are generally afforded a very low status. The bike races helped to improve the youngsters self respect and the respect of others towards them.

The highlight of the three week visit was a 5 day sports mission in Kasese town which saw the culmination of several months of bicycle races, football, volleyball and netball competitions around the diocese of South Rwenzori.

On the final day of the mission the group helped to organise the Race of Champions, a cycle race from Kasese Town to the equator and back - a mere 45 km! And before you think well that's not far, you might like to consider the temperature (38 degrees), the state of the roads and the equipment.

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