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What Joy Shall Fill My Heart

I am sure there have been points in your life when you have felt so beaten down you believe nothing good will ever happen to you again.

This is what these vulnerable girls felt like. They had dropped out of school through lack of school fees or pregnancy and felt hopeless. Their parents were unable to provide.

Then thanks to the generous donations through Amaha We Uganda they were given an opportunity to learn skills of tailoring and hairdressing. These skills will provide them with a chance to provide for themselves and their own families.

They never dreamt they would graduate in anything at all so when we handed out graduation certificates for their completed and passed courses their Joy was unstoppable.

It was humbling to see how grateful their parents were that their children now had a chance to succeed.

The courses last 6 months; 4 months training, 1 month internship in a working business then back to the Good Samaritan for the final months trial.

Below some of the things you bought and fruits of their labour.

The work continues. Already new students have signed up for the next 6 month course and the dream includes providing opportunities for boys who would rather learn carpentry, welding or mechanics.

Some amazing ladies at St Mary's, Ash Vale, spent many hours, with a very tight deadline, sewing reusable sanitary pads, making patterns, examples and writing instructions so packs could be taken to Uganda and shown to the tailoring tutor and students to see if there was merit in such a project. Often girls are unable to go to school each month because they can't afford the necessary.

The photo below shows Helen explaining the packs and gauging the response. Everyone was really enthusiastic and it seems that this could become a project ensuring sustainability for the Good Samaritan Skills Centre.

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