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Good Samaritan House – September 2014

Rose successfully finished her training and is now set up in a little shop in Kajwenge selling her handcraft and making clothes when commissioned. She has her hand operated sewing machine with her and a kind donor has also had a ‘made to measure’ table constructed for her to cut her fabric on.

At this moment there are 5 shoe-makers being trained by Bob, 5 knitting trainees and 6 tailoring trainees being trained by Helen. They meet 5 days per week and training will be for a 12 week period. They are supervised full time by a newly appointed ‘monitor’. A hairdressing training group has also been set up and there are 9 trainees. All the rooms are now being utilised for training. There are plans to start a carpentry group and a welding group as soon as possible.

The shoemaking trainees are attempting to sell some of their shoes at local markets to raise funds for additional materials. Scott and Helene met with the headmaster of Bwera Secondary School and discussed a potential contract for the sewing and knitting team to make school uniforms (1,000 pupils). He is interested to see a proposal in advance of the next contract being placed in January.

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