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A magical gathering

Despite the rain the choir carried on.

What a wonderful day at The Garden of Eden and what answers to prayer. Despite the rain, the choir from Bwera (who had achieved second place in the music contest) sang and danced their hearts out to an appreciative audience of street boys.

Both the older and younger generations of boys had been invited to attend the day.

They shared their stories and we heard wonderful testimonies (some of which are in the next blog). We met the younger generation of street boys for the first time and heard how the team have developed a new way of working with them. The new boys are being encouraged and supported in returning to their families (parents or extended families). This requires intensive work on behalf of the team in Uganda who have to develop relationships and convince the families that these boys have changed. It was indeed heartwarming to hear how badly some of these boys wanted to give up their precarious life on the street and return home. It was also mind-blowing to see how invested the team are in the lives of these boys and how much they love them.

We spent the day in fellowship with the boys renewing friendships and forming new ones.

All the boys were fed and given soap.

The new generation of street boys with John. These boys all want to return home.

The rain won't put us off!

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