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Was the weight worth it?

Absolutely it was!

Neil brought a large sound system to Uganda for William's church in Customs. We shared our weight allowance in order to bring it, which left us with only 13 kg personal weight each on the outward flight!

Following the Good Samaritan Graduation, the team split up, so we could see more people, and Neil and Helen took the sound system to All Saints, Customs. The system was quickly assembled and used in the first church service of the morning at 7.00 am! William and his congregation were thrilled.

88 kg of system

All Saint's, Customs

Mike and I attended Benjamin's church, St Paul's, in Kajwenge.

After lunch we met up again briefly with Neil and Helen on our visit to the Women's groups in Mailokumi. (short slide show below)

Muhindo Edith Neema (left) said, "As we came together we have been able to raise our children with hope. We learnt about kitchen gardening for a better diet. Through personal witness I was told to grow egg plants which I can now grow myself. My children are at school and I have started building a house which is up to roof level" (through selling extra produce).

Peluse (right) said "The savings boost funds for borrowing. I am able to go out and trade. My needs have been met. I buy 4 sacks of beans and sell for a profit. The profits allow me to rent land where I grow egg plants from Amaha We Uganda seeds. After selling each week I make 3,000 UGX (less than 75p) each week. I am now selling egg plants in Customs Market and I am growing acres.

Neil and Helen continued their long journey to Rwesande and Kabatunda where they too met with Women's groups and were reunited with their friends of many years, having lived there 30 years ago.

Helen discovered that the Rwesande women had become brick makers, creating a 3 roomed, single storey building where they could sell from - in essence small shops.

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