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Training and Trees

The tree seeds have grown exponentially in two and half months, aided by the rains. Some saplings are ready for planting. Farmers are registering to have 3000 to 4000 saplings. They will have to look after these saplings and plant them in appropriate places.

Training is taking place for volunteers who will become tree champions. They will go out into the field to train others on the importance of trees in the environment, for our planet and to safeguard the soil preventing disasters in the future. It's only a small start. The team have plans to plant another 400,000 seeds supported by our donations. If you want to support this enterprise click here

Trees saplings at The Garden of Eden and Library (below)

Training of Tree Champion volunteers at The Library (below)

Other training news: The latest cohort of students at The Good Samaritan Skills Centre complete their training on December 18th. We wish these new hairdressers and seamstresses every success.

Hairdressing students (Below)

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