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Kasese Library (Sept 2014)

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

A couple of people from our UK team have been in Uganda now for 3 months and it’s been interesting, welcoming, rewarding, friendly, hospitable, challenging, frustrating and great fun.

Most of it anyway.

Our days have been filled working with the Amaha We Uganda team. Helene’s Fuel Briquette project has been a tremendous success amongst the AWU Women’s Cooperative groups.

We’ve heard from over 400 women & children how this has significantly changed their lives.

Our focus over the last few weeks has been to try and really launch the Fuel Briquette operation in Kasese Town itself and to get the library construction project completed. None of that can be accomplished until we get the walls finally constructed.

We get spoiled in the UK, if you need something you just trot down to the local hardware store and buy it – or you shout at the builder and tell him to get more men / get his finger out.

It’s impressive what people here can achieve with so few resources and so little money. They can produce something useful out of pieces of what we would regard as junk.

They are tremendously ingenious and impressively hard working. But sometimes, when you’re trying to put a plan together to a tight programme, it’s like herding cats!

The budget and report we sent to the Amaha We Uganda team in the UK has been approved. We are enormously grateful to them for their good faith in us and their generosity. As a result the project in Kasese to launch Fuel briquettes commercially (and raise invaluable funds locally for the team on the ground here) will get off the ground next week.

There will be a lot of sweat put in over the coming month so.

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