My mother can't work because we are in lockdown. She has no money and can't buy food. I am hungry.

Please help me receive a food parcel.

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The women's groups' revolving fund is vital to the women. It is through this they are able to take out small loans to build their businesses. The profits are mostly used to send their children to school and to feed their families. Many of the women look after other dependants - mostly because these dependants have been orphaned.

Please take time to visit the blog page to read some amazing testimonies from these women.

The demands on the revolving fund are many, particularly as the drought this year has impacted the women's ability to pay school fees, as most of their crops have died.

If the women are unable to get a loan from the Amaha We Uganda revolving fund, because there is no money left in it, they will go to loan sharks who charge exorbitant rates of interest.

Our vision is to have sufficient funds so no woman in need is turned down.

That is the stark truth for our friends in Kasese, Customs and Bwera in Uganda. Living in the towns is hand to mouth. In this current global corona crisis markets in Kasese, Customs and Bwera are closed. All businesses are closed down so people are not able to earn money. The only food available is from the few food shops that are open and if you have no money you cannot buy food. Families are going hungry in lockdown.

Please help the locally based Amaha We Uganda Team to provide urgently needed food parcels through William’s church in Customs and the Amaha We Uganda office in Uganda. These food parcels will provide the most basic of ingredients to feed a family one meal daily- that is cassava, maize flour and beans. They will also send soap so people can wash their hands. The street children we work with will also receive this immediately urgent help.

We need to think ahead to the next season as well as planting needs to start now. To read more click here to read our blog- "Could this be your starfish?"

Buy a tree

Amahawe Uganda is passionate about trees. We continue to sell trees to do our small part to redressing climate change. We would love your help.

The "Garden of Eden" Project has begun, and our community garden next to the Amaha We Uganda library in Kasese has already seen community events, training, hospitality and tree planting.  

The long term plan for this area is to create a tree nursery and support local communities in reforesting areas that have become susceptible to landslides following deforestation. This will not only save lives, it will protect homes, regenerate productive woodland and provide food for local people. 


Your donation will change lives. At the moment people are being displaced because the deforested land has suffered from soil erosion and can no longer be farmed. Reforesting is the first step in creating a sustainable environment to support future generations. This will enable communities to stay in their homes. 

Donate £5 on link below and we will send you a gift certificate to give to your loved ones. Please email us with your donation reference, email address and the names for your gift certificate, so that we can allocate your trees. (If you would like multiple certificates please include details in your email.)

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