Maize Mills

Traditionally, the women of Kasese have had to walk many miles with their crops to get to the maize mills available to them. To counter this, Amaha We Uganda, in conjunction with Rotary Woking District, have funded four maize mills locally, two of which have been opened in Kabatunda and Kajwenge. The next two are planned for Kisinga and Kitswamba, and the team at home and in Uganda are working hard together to ensure their success.

The idea of opening mills in remote villages, aside from reducing the journey times for the women, is to create a meeting point for them where they can socialise, share their knowledge and trade their skills, increasing their changes of making an income.

A work in progress, the maize mills have been one of our most challenging projects to date, as we compete with rising fuel prices, fluctuating levels of demand, and intermittent or non-existent electricity supplies.