BLOG: Rose’s Story

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Rose was born with a disability which meant she was unable to walk. She was orphaned and looked after by a relative and provided for by Benjamin (Director of Amaha We Uganda NGO). Rose was unable to go to school as she lived up the mountain and her wheelchair had broken.We met Rose in 2005.
Since then Amaha We Uganda have provided Rose with her second wheelchair when Benjamin brought Rose down the mountain to live in his home so she could attend school. Amaha We Uganda bought Rose a hand sewing machine so she could be trained as a tailor. Rose qualified in 2014 from The Good Samaritan Training Centre. Benjamin rented her  a small ‘shop’ in Kajwenge and AWU allowed Rose to take her sewing machine from the centre. Individual support for Rose from members of AWU bought her a cutting table, threads, needles and material to start her small business. Rose now lives in Kasese town with her aunt where she has a small business in the market, on the main Fort Portal Road. She has a new wheel chair and is looked after by her friends at the market. She is very happy.


– Rose, Kasese

Rose Collage