BLOG: An Evening with Chris White

Friday, April 10th, 2015

“Help can come from many directions, or too often, not at all. What matters is that help does come to those who need it.
I have known Tamsin for some time now. We work together in the daily run of the music business and all it’s foibles. Over time, I have also learned how hard Tamsin and the team work to bring help to people living lives a long way from what we do day to day.
I think it is very valuable work and am delighted to be able to contribute in this very small way ” 

– Chris White, Dire Straits’ Saxophonist

What an incredible evening we had at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking last night (9th April 2015)
We raised a grand total of £1740 – which is just incredible, thank you to everyone involved!
I think these quotes speak for themselves…
“ Well done, great evening and thanks to Chris for his time. xxx”

 “ Thank-you for such a great event – Chris is a great musician + raconteur!! ”

 “ Great evening, Big Success ! Well done indeed. Fascinating insight into Chris White’s life (and hilarious anecdotes !)”

 “ Thanks, great evening. John and I so enjoyed re-living part of our youth!!!!!!”

 “ It was a wonderful evening and we enjoyed it hugely. A massive thanks to you and to Mr White for giving up his time and taking time to make Archie’s day.”

 “ Was great xx”

 “ A fantastic evening. Thank you so much for organising ”

 “ Great evening!!! Fantastic evening! “

 “ What a Great evening! thank you Chris and AwU”

 “I really enjoyed it last night it was fantastic and I had the best seat thanks so much”

 “What a good evening. Thank you”

 “Thank you for a lovely evening. We really enjoyed it.”

 “It was a brilliant evening. Refreshing to have something different. He came across as a really lovely man. Would have loved to have heard some jazz sax.”

 “He comes across as a really humble man.”

 “Really didn’t know what to expect tonight but it was the most enjoyable entertaining evening.”